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    In-Flight Learning Based Flight Control of an Unmanned Aircraft System
    In-situ radio frequency identification (RFID) moisture meter
    Independent Functions Of Clueless In Differential Integrin Secretion And Mitochondrial Quality Control In Drosophila Muscle
    Indole Arynes in organic synthesis : discovery and applications for the total synthesis of complex natural products
    The influence and implications of national culture on entrepreneurial activity : a contrastive investigation of Sweden and the United States
    Influence of Bracket Type Combined with Delayed Light Activation on Bracket-Adhesive Shear Bond Strength
    Influence of depressive symptoms on within-session change talk and HIV antiretroviral medication adherence in a motivational interviewing based adherence intervention
    The Influence of Director Human Social Capital and Firms' Entrepreneurial Orientation on Corporate Entrepreneurship
    The influence of media on implicit weight bias
    The Influence of Parenting and Acculturative Stress on Parental Feeding Style and Pediatric Obesity for Latino Families
    The Influence of Regional Stress and Structural Control Over the Shape of Maar Craters
    Influence of Silane Penetrating Sealer on Deicer Scaling and Absorption of Concrete Highway Pavement
    Influence, Innovation, and Structure: Modernist Evaluative Criteria in the Reception Histories of Charles Ives and Jean Sibelius
    Influences on contraceptive use among college women
    InfoKiosk: An Information Kiosk With Text-Free User Interface
    Insanity, rhetoric and women : nineteenth-century women's asylum narratives
    Insight and executive function: investigating the role of dynamic assessment
    Institution: The Control of Social Perception—Toward a Theory of Minority-Directed Institutional Change
    Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance Institutions
    Instruction Type and Student Major as they Relate to Student Success in College Level Developmental Mathematics Classes