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    The legacy behind Literature to Life: a history and narrative of Wynn Handman, The American Place Theatre and Literature to Life
    Legal empire: international law and culture in U.S.-Latin American relations
    Life underwater
    Life without my head
    Light-activated biomacromolecules
    Like where you're from is so great
    Literacy in the 21st Century: supporting struggling adolescent readers
    Living and acting in Kansas City versus Southern California
    Living in Fear: An Analysis of Writings by Elizabeth Tudor, 1544-1565
    Living Landscapes: John Dunkley and the Cultural Landscape of Colonial Jamaica
    Local climate change impact: societal perceptions of risk vulnerabilities and adaptation
    Local decision making: the relationship between federal educational legislation and educational practices
    Local Food and Economic Development
    Long Term Ocular Drug Delivery with Novel Pentablock Copolymers; Part I: Composite Nanoformulation of Macromolecules For Back of the Eye Diseases, Part II: Dexamethasone Nanoparticle to Develop an In Vitro Model for Glaucoma
    Long-term outcomes and parental decision-making about treatment for deformational plagiocephaly
    Longer Right Colon Withdrawal Time and Retroflexion Duration Significantly Increases Adenoma Detection Rate: A Randomized Controlled Trial at Three Endoscopy Centers
    Longer Term Dynamics of Bit Error Rates using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) Software Defined Radios for Indoor Environments
    Lotte Reiniger’s career in animation and her first full-­‐length animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed
    Love and Reform: a chamber operetta
    "Loving all People Regardless of Race, Creed, or Color": James L. Delk and the Lost History of Pentecostal Interracialism