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    Interactions between drugs of abuse and HIV protease inhibitors [1]
    Interference aware wireless networks with point to point beamforming [1]
    Internet of Things (IoT) Applications With Diverse Direct Communication Methods [1]
    Interprofessional Collaboration Across the Treatment Process in Music Therapy [1]
    Interprofessional Simulaton Among Healthcare Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Communication Self-Efficacy [1]
    Intraoral Corrosion of Self-ligating Metallic Brackets and Archwires and the Effect on Friction [1]
    Introduction and application of GEANT4: A comparison of depth-dose [1]
    Introduction of a Fully Relativistic Capable Basis Set in the ab initio Orthogonalized Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Method [1]
    Investigating the Link Between Mechanics and Bone: A Local Approach to a Multi-Scale System [1]
    Investigating the Predictive Validity of the Self-Blame Attributions for Cancer Scale in Patients with Head and Neck and Lung Cancer [1]
    Investigating the Role of Clinical Rotation Payment in Clinical Education Quality and Student Self-Efficacy for Physician Assistant Education [1]
    Investigating trustworthiness and tolerance of others and shared power within youth-adult partnerships [1]
    Investigation into lowering cement clinker content using available materials [1]
    An Investigation into the Effects of Alterations in Ribosomal Proteins S4 and S5 on Translational Accuracy, Ribosomal RNA Processing, and Ribosome Assembly [1]
    An Investigation of Gender Bias in the Personality Assessment Inventory in a Sample of Military Veterans of the United States [1]
    An investigation of hydrogen gas in olivine [1]
    Investigation of Interconnect and Device Designs for Emerging Post-MOSFET and Beyond Silicon Technologies [1]
    Investigation of Jordanian pre-service teachers' beliefs about learning and teaching of mathematics [1]
    Investigation of strength of a hybrid adhesive anchor system used in precast concrete welded repair applications subjected to tensile and eccentric shear loading [1]
    Invictus Minds: A Critical Heuristic Case Study of Giftedness in the African-American Male [1]