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    Association between cardiac rehabilitation participation and health status outcomes after acute myocardial infarction [1]
    Association Between Myocardial Ischemia, Microvascular Function and Patient-Reported Angina [1]
    Association of chronic self-perceived stress with mortality and health status outcomes in patients with peripheral artery disease: insights from the portrait registry [1]
    Association of Nasal Septum Area and Deviation with Anteroposterior Maxillary Position and Facial Skeletal Asymmetries [1]
    The Association of Socioeconomic Status with Mortality and Hospital Length of Stay in Patients with Parapneumonic Empyema [1]
    Association of weight with drug dosing guideline adherence in children hospitalized with asthma [1]
    Associations Between Benefit Finding, Disease Severity, Positive Affect, and Health Outcomes Among Patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation [1]
    Asymmetric Positron Annihilation in Chiral Tartrate and Tartaric Acid Crystals [1]
    (asymmetries of matter) [1]
    Attachment and Shame-Coping Style: A Relationship Mediated by Fear of Compassion? [1]
    The Attentional Demands of Positive Reappraisal in a Dual Task Paradigm [1]
    AudioCNN: Audio Event Classification With Deep Learning Based Multi-Channel Fusion Networks [1]
    August Wilson’s Century Cycle: Preserving History and Honoring African Rituals Through the Proverb of the Sankofa [1]
    Automated End-to-End Management of the Deep Learning Lifecycle [1]
    Automated Prediction of Hepatic Arterial Stenosis [1]
    Automated Software to Count Stains in Immunostaining Applications [1]
    Automatic and controlled processing of faces in social anxiety [1]
    Automatic GUI Based Counting Software for Immunostaining Analysis Using Matlab GUIDE [1]
    Automobile Searches: The Gap Between the Theory and Praxis of Law [1]
    Autonomy in the Great War: the experience of the German soldier on the Eastern Front [1]