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    Problematic internet use: exploring the roles of attachment and social competency
    Processing speed and working memory training in multiple sclerosis: a blinded randomized controlled trial
    Prodrug Approach to Improve Oral and Brain Absorption of HIV Protease Inhibitor, Lopinavir
    The Production of Space, Place, and Food: The Ecology of Money and the Emergence of Transformative Circuits of Money Capital
    Progenitor or Mere Predecessor: A Study of Ukiyo-e's Place in the Development of Modern Manga Through the Works of Rumiko Takahashi
    Program and Personal Factors as Predictors of Spiritual Competence
    Proinflammatory Cytokine / Chemokine Expression in Human Astrocytes: Induction by HIV-1 Nef
    Promoting ethical behavior among local government employees: the roles of ethical leadership, ethics codes, training, and audits
    Promoting parent-child secure attachment bonds in adoptive families through community-based family music groups: a heuristic grounded theory study
    Protected Secret Sharing and its Application to Threshold Cryptography
    Protein production and applications of NMR in pharmaceutical sciences
    A proteomic approach for studying LTR retrotransposon host factors in saccharomyces cerevisae
    Protest and Survive: A Brief History and Analysis of the Politics of Punk
    Provider Perceptions of a Mature School-Based Health Center's Effect on Adolescent Health and Wellness: A Case Study
    Pseudo Random Forests for Tube Identification
    Psychometric Evaluation of a Motivation Assessment in Smokers
    Public Perceptions About Community Notification Policies
    Public perceptions of sailors' wives in eighteenth-century England
    Public-private partnerships: an evaluation of propositions for successful community coalitions
    Purposeful Simulation Role Assignment