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    Role of cytochrome P450 enzymes on alcohol/nicotine-mediated oxidative stress and cytotoxicity in monocytes/astrocytes: Implications for HIV-infected alcohol/tobacco users
    The role of drosophila protein kinase doubletime in circadian period determination, morning and evening oscillators and tauopathy
    The Role of Experiential Avoidance in the Relationship Between Emotional Pain and Yearning in Sudden and Unexpected Bereavement
    The Role of Financial Markets in the Pricing of Crude Oil: An Examination of Oil Pricing through the Structural Changes of the early Twenty-first Century
    The role of health risk perception variables on smoking-related outcomes in a motivational interviewing-based intervention for college students
    The Role of Host Translation Initiation Factors eIF4H and eIF4A and the Exon Junction Complex in the Control of mRNA turnover and Translation by the Virion Host Shut off Protein of Herpes Simplex Virus
    The role of land-atmosphere and aerosol interactions on meso-scale convective weather systems across West Africa
    Role of Membrane Transporters in Drug Delivery, Drug Disposition And Drug-Drug Interactions
    The role of physical health on life satisfaction in people with serious mental illness
    The Role of Slow-Twitch Skeletal Muscle in the Musculoskeletal Endocrine Axis
    The role of the tribal elder in teaching calculus through an ethnomathematics lens
    Role of Toll-Like Receptor 4 in Oxidant-induced Inflammatory Phenotypes in Macrophages
    The roles of client religion, counselor religiosity, and spiritual competence in counselors' clinical judgment
    The roles of differentiation of self, emotional self awareness and anxiety on destructive countertransference reactions
    The roles of dispositional flow, dispositional mindfulness, and self-compassion in the Objectification Theory Framework
    The Roles of the Drosophila Protein Tribbles in Oogenesis and Insulin Signaling Pathway
    Romantic Tributes to Beethoven, Beloveds, and a Friendship Forged, Lost, and Regained: Schumann’s Fantasie, Op. 17 and Liszt’s B-minor Sonata, S. 178
    Rose Piper: New Discoveries
    Rubens' vision for the Luxembourg Palace
    The Ruhls of Relationships: Connecting with Others Through Theatrical Ambiguity