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    Decoupling of HSV1 Vhs protein mRNA decay and translation stimulation functions [1]
    Deep Assertion discovery using word embeddings [1]
    Deep Learning for Semi-Automated Brain Claustrum Segmentation on Magnetic Resonance (MR) Images [1]
    Deep Open Representative Learning for Image and Text Classification [1]
    DeepSampling: Image Sampling Technique for Cost-Effective Deep Learning [1]
    "Defective childhoods": television news and the social construction of the 'child in need' [1]
    Deformation mapping of fibronectin fibrils using digital image correlation [1]
    Delay based approach to support low priority users in preemptive wireless networks [1]
    Demonstration of an Effective 4G LTE Network Simulator to Analyze Performance and Ensure Reliable Communication [1]
    Der Struwwelpeter: a song cycle for soprano and chamber ensemble [1]
    Derivation of walk-in cooler and freezer Performance Standard equations as they pertain to the ANSI/AHRI Standard 1250 and 1251 [1]
    A Description of the Technical Aspects of Missouri Vanguard Theatre [1]
    Desegregation at Kansas City's Central High School: Illuminating the African American student experience through oral history [1]
    Design and Evaluation of HIV Microbicides Loaded mucoadhesive Nanoformulation [1]
    Design and Implementation of Firewall to Inspect Traffic in Encrypted VPN Tunnels [1]
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides [1]
    Design and practical realization of polymorphic crosstalk circuits using 65nm TSMC PDK [1]
    Design and validation of a digital core for wireless communication with RFID-enabled devices [1]
    Design and validation of wearable wireless sensors [1]
    Design Automation and Evaluation Of Emerging 3D – IC Technology Using Stacked Horizontal Nanowires [1]