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    Discomfort [1]
    Discomfort in Addressing Spiritual Needs: A Hospital-Wide Exploration into the Hole in Holistic Care [1]
    Disconnecting a Role for DNA Repair in the Pathogenicity of the Human pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans [1]
    Discovery of Enzymes Responsible for an Alternate Mevalonate Pathway in Haloferax volcanii [1]
    Discovery of Peptide and Aptamer Ligands for Targeted Drug Delivery to Hepatic Stellate Cells [1]
    Discovery of PSMA-Specific Peptide Ligands and Development of A Noncovalent Method to Attach Chemical Moieties to siRNA [1]
    Discrimination and health: how being Hispanic can make you sick [1]
    Distinction in death: an analysis of individuality, sociality, and brand consumption in contemporary American funeral practices [1]
    Distress and Caregiver Appraisal in Pediatric Critical Care Unit Nurses when Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment [1]
    Distributed Collaborative Framework for Deep Learning in Object Detection [1]
    Distributed Perimeter Firewall Policy Management Framework [1]
    Distributed querying of clinical documents modeled as HL7 version 3 standard [1]
    Distributed RDF query processing and reasoning for big data / linked data [1]
    DL-DI: A Deep Learning Framework for Distributed, Incremental Image Classification [1]
    DMLA: A Dynamic Model-Based Lambda Architecture for Learning and Recognition of Features in Big Data [1]
    Does learning with high-fidelity human patient dimulation during nursing school impact career retention in the nursing profession during the first years of licensure? [1]
    Does politics stop at the water's edge? The state as a unitary actor in international relations and the effect of presidential transitions on selected foreign policy behaviors [1]
    A Double-Blind Randomized Intervention to Reduce Distress from Perceived Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis [1]
    Drinking Water Treatment Waste as an Alternative for Internal Curing and Cement Replacement in Concrete [1]
    A dual mode pulsed electro-magnetic cell stimulator [1]