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    Alternatively certified and traditionally certified secondary school mathematics teachers' student success on the Missouri Assessment Program
    American Anxiety: Stories
    American Messianic Jewish Identity Development: A Grounded Theory Study
    An Arbitrary CRCW PRAM Algorithm for Sorting Integers Into a LinkedList and Chaining on a Trie
    An Interdisciplinary Health Disparities Research and Intervention Strategy Applied to the Problem of Pediatric Asthma in Kansas City
    Ana Mendieta- a search for identity
    Analysis Of A Distribution System Integrated With Photovoltaic Charging Facilities
    An analysis of factors affecting implementation of literacy curriculum resources in K-2 classrooms in a Midwest suburban school district
    Analyzing Bit Error Rate using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) Software Defined Radio in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
    Analyzing the effects of Cis-elements and trans-factors on the stability of the Gal1 mRNP
    And the TV Said...,
    Anonymous Multicast Communication for Wireless Networks Using Layered Encryption and Hashing
    Another Beast Entirely
    Application of Ab Initio Calculations and Molecular Dynamics to Collagen and Brome Mosaic Virus
    Application of ab initio calculations to collagen and brome mosaic virus
    The application of Jungian archetypes to the analysis of character in three early plays by W. B. Yeats
    Application of Wrapper Methods to Non-Invasive Brain-State Detection: An Opto-Electric Approach
    Application-Aware Network Design Using Software Defined Networking for Application Performance Optimization for Big Data and Video Streaming
    An Approach for Fast Score Computation in Bayesian Network Structure Learning Over Large-Scale Distributed Data
    Arab Muslim international students' lived experiences in a U.S. higher education institution