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    An Approach for Fast Score Computation in Bayesian Network Structure Learning Over Large-Scale Distributed Data
    Arab Muslim international students' lived experiences in a U.S. higher education institution
    Are Functional Limitations Predictive of Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Chronic Pain Patients?
    Art in Scale: Barbara Marshall and the Fine-Scale Miniature Movement
    "Art is religion:" Adolf Hoelzel's modernism
    Art Monster: Stories and a Novella
    The art songs of Jaime León: a textual and musical analysis
    Aspiration Differences in Female High School Students Based on Parents' Education Level
    Assembling the Fragments: A Collection of Essays
    Assessing Social Motivations During Vaccination Decisions
    Assessing the effects of a novel intervention for antiretroviral medication adherence
    Assessing the Impact of Changing Climate on Agriculture in Missouri and the use of Crop Insurance as Adaptation Strategy (1980-2010)
    Assessing the Impact of Increased Police Officer Presence In Micro Hot Spots
    Assessment of Anthropometric Development of Transgender and Gender Non Binary Youth Assigned Female at Birth Across Prepubertal and Pubertal Growth
    Assessment of HEC-18 equations for NCHRP abutment scour based on Kansas field data
    Assessment of HEC-18 scour equations for bottomless culverts based on Kansas field data
    Assessment Of Overcurrent Relay Coordination In A Microgrid With High PV Penetration Deployment
    Assessment of Seismic Hazards along the Northern Gulf of Aqaba
    An assessment of the impact of gentrification in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri