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    Integration Features in the Development of Software Product Line Architecture
    Intention, economic opportunity and their impact on venture creation
    Intentions to Eat a Healthy Diet: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior in an African American Faith-Based Population
    The Interaction of Linear and Vertical Time in Minimalist and Postminimalist Piano Music
    Interactions between drugs of abuse and HIV protease inhibitors
    Interference aware wireless networks with point to point beamforming
    Internet of Things (IoT) Applications With Diverse Direct Communication Methods
    Interprofessional Collaboration Across the Treatment Process in Music Therapy
    Interprofessional Simulaton Among Healthcare Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Communication Self-Efficacy
    Intraoral Corrosion of Self-ligating Metallic Brackets and Archwires and the Effect on Friction
    Introduction and application of GEANT4: A comparison of depth-dose
    Introduction of a Fully Relativistic Capable Basis Set in the ab initio Orthogonalized Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Method
    Investigating the Link Between Mechanics and Bone: A Local Approach to a Multi-Scale System
    Investigating the Predictive Validity of the Self-Blame Attributions for Cancer Scale in Patients with Head and Neck and Lung Cancer
    Investigating the Role of Clinical Rotation Payment in Clinical Education Quality and Student Self-Efficacy for Physician Assistant Education
    Investigating trustworthiness and tolerance of others and shared power within youth-adult partnerships
    Investigation into lowering cement clinker content using available materials
    An Investigation into the Effects of Alterations in Ribosomal Proteins S4 and S5 on Translational Accuracy, Ribosomal RNA Processing, and Ribosome Assembly
    An Investigation of Gender Bias in the Personality Assessment Inventory in a Sample of Military Veterans of the United States
    An investigation of hydrogen gas in olivine