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    Teacher Reported Preparedness: A Study of One Midwest Metropolitan School District [1]
    Teacher social justice advocacy for children: a scale development and preliminary validity [1]
    Teaching Undergraduate Music Theory Through World Music [1]
    The technical director: the history, the legacy, and a glimpse behind the curtain [1]
    Technological Solution beyond MOSFET and Binary Logic Device [1]
    Teens in Transition: Evaluating a Youth Violence Intervention Program [1]
    Telemedicine Quality Improvement Study [1]
    Temporal and harmonic concerns in the music of Robert Carl [1]
    Temporal Bandwidth-Intensive Virtual Network Allocation Optimization in Data Centers [1]
    Temporal discounting and body mass index in college students [1]
    The Awakening of Insects [1]
    The canonical Wnt signaling pathway affects regeneration of mechanosensory hair cells in Danio Rerio [1]
    The case for humble and narcissistic leadership: creative self-efficacy and idea generation in entrepreneurial settings [1]
    The development and validation of the appearance satisfaction questionnaire - the first culturally appropriate measure for body image in black women [1]
    The Development of an Adaptive Electromagnetic Testing Method [1]
    The Effect of Simulated Oral Conditions on Surface Roughness and Friction Properties of Surface-treated and Non-surface Treated Nickel-Titanium Archwires: A Pilot Study [1]
    The Holistic Course Delivery: A Novel Pedagogy for Collegiate Introductory Computer Programming [1]
    The Investigating Meaning/Purpose and Connectedness (IMPACT) Study: A Comparative Case Study of Parents of Adult Children with Schizophrenia [1]
    The Investigation of Configurationally Stable Longitudinally Twisted Acenes and the Development of a Silorane-Based Biomaterial for Use as an Antimicrobial Delivery Device [1]
    The Lieber Codes Effectiveness in Jackson County, Missouri [1]