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    Part I: The synthesis of chenodeoxycholic acid derived macrocyles and cage compounds. Part II. Sonogashira coupling for the synthesis of well-defined π-conjugated arylene ethynylene oligomers as blue-light-emitting materials [1]
    Pathétique: a tale of two rabbys [1]
    Patient and Physician Discordance in Reporting Symptoms of Angina: Insights From the Angina Prevalence and Provider Evaluation of Angina Relief (APPEAR) Study [1]
    Pedagogical literature for violists: selected studies from Lillian Fuchs's 16 Fantasy Études and corresponding orchestral excerpts [1]
    The Pen and the Pennon: Political and Social Comment Inscribed within Chivalric Romance [1]
    Pentablock copolymers based controlled release formulations of small and macromolecules for ophthalmic applications [1]
    Perceived Stress among Public School Music Educators: Stress over Time, Demographic Differences, Common Self-Identified Factors of Stress, and Relationships between Demographic Differences and Emergent Stress Themes [1]
    Perceptions of Burnout Among Black Pastors of Small Churches: A Phenomenological Study [1]
    Perceptions of gender in English news pamphlets 1660-1700 [1]
    Perceptions of program effectiveness: an evaluation of a domestic violence treatment program [1]
    Perceptions of Sex Trafficking Legislation By Sex Workers [1]
    Performance Impacts Due to Number Portability Under Various Routing Schemes [1]
    Performance of Steel Pipelines Backfilled with Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM) under Seismic Wave Propagation and Reverse-Slip Fault Rupture [1]
    Performance standards for walk-in coolers and freezers in the United States as a function of local weather conditions [1]
    Performance-Based Fundraiser Compensation: An Analysis of Preference, Prevalence and Effect [1]
    Performance-Based Pay: Perceptions of Elementary Teachers of the Pandora School District [1]
    Permanent Solution: Contraceptive sterilization policies and practices in the U.S. from 1960-1979 [1]
    Permeable Reactive Concrete For Enhanced Heavy Metal Removal With Optimization Of Individual Components [1]
    Perpetual: For Alto Saxophone and Live Electronics [1]
    The persistence scale for online education: development of a psychometric tool [1]