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    La France au bord de l’Amérique (France on the edge of America): Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the Twentieth Century [1]
    Labor Market Outcomes and Employment Policy [1]
    The Laboring Irish: Developing Community and Industry in Early Kansas City [1]
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarine, violin, cello, percussion and piano [1]
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano [1]
    Laser ablation in liquid of Germanium in externally applied electric fields [1]
    Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Micron Sized Particles with the Consideration of Industrial Applications [1]
    The Last Patron of Tintern Abbey: The Family and Piety of Roger Bigod [1]
    Late Holocene Paleoclimate reconstruction of the northern Gulf of Aqaba using foraminifera as a proxy [1]
    Late Holocene Stratigraphic History of the Gulf of Aqaba Coastal Plain, Jordan [1]
    Latent Class Analysis of Health Risk Behaviors Among Survivors of Childhood Adversities [1]
    Lateral Violence Response Training for Nursing Students [1]
    Latinx Women’s Disordered Eating: Considering Culturally Relevant Variables in the Objectification Theory Framework [1]
    Laurie Brooks: a coterie of plays and concepts [1]
    Learning Efficient Deep Feature Extraction For Mobile Ocular Biometrics [1]
    Learning potential in persons with serious mental illness: investigating intra-individual differences in the learning process [1]
    Learning to Walk the Walk: Narrative Exploration of Diversity Training for Higher Education Teaching [1]
    The legacy behind Literature to Life: a history and narrative of Wynn Handman, The American Place Theatre and Literature to Life [1]
    Legal empire: international law and culture in U.S.-Latin American relations [1]
    Life underwater [1]