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    La France au bord de l’Amérique (France on the edge of America): Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the Twentieth Century
    The Laboring Irish: Developing Community and Industry in Early Kansas City
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarine, violin, cello, percussion and piano
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano
    Laser ablation in liquid of Germanium in externally applied electric fields
    Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Micron Sized Particles with the Consideration of Industrial Applications
    The Last Patron of Tintern Abbey: The Family and Piety of Roger Bigod
    Late Holocene Paleoclimate reconstruction of the northern Gulf of Aqaba using foraminifera as a proxy
    Latent Class Analysis of Health Risk Behaviors Among Survivors of Childhood Adversities
    Lateral Violence Response Training for Nursing Students
    Latinx Women’s Disordered Eating: Considering Culturally Relevant Variables in the Objectification Theory Framework
    Laurie Brooks: a coterie of plays and concepts
    Learning potential in persons with serious mental illness: investigating intra-individual differences in the learning process
    The legacy behind Literature to Life: a history and narrative of Wynn Handman, The American Place Theatre and Literature to Life
    Legal empire: international law and culture in U.S.-Latin American relations
    Life underwater
    Life without my head
    Light-activated biomacromolecules
    Like where you're from is so great
    Literacy in the 21st Century: supporting struggling adolescent readers