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    O, Beastly Jew!: Allegorical Anti-Judaism in Thirteenth Century English Bestiaries [1]
    Observing the Sedimentation of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring [1]
    Ocular motion classification for mobile device presentation attack detection [1]
    Ocular pharmacokinetics and efficacy of various amino acid and dipeptide prodrugs of ganciclovir [1]
    Of oranges and the sea [1]
    Of floods and gales: environmental value creation due to creative destruction [1]
    On Earth, As It Is [1]
    On the advancement of core/shell titanium dioxide nanomaterials for microwave absorption [1]
    On ‘Clear and Present Danger’: The Influence of Firearm Legislation on College Student Perceptions of Mental Illness and Treatment-Seeking Intentions [1]
    One-Shot Learning Model for Cancer Diagnosis from Histopathological Images [1]
    Online Vaccine Opposition: Identifying Trends and Contextualizing Criticism [1]
    Ontology-based methods for disease similarity estimation and drug repositioning [1]
    Opening the gates to foster scholarship for urban students: organizational policies and systemic practices in a high performing high poverty urban high school [1]
    Opportunity Recognition: A Contingency Framework of Individual Attributes, Time Pressure, and Uncertainty [1]
    Optimization of Bridge Approach Slab [1]
    Optimization of ligament parameters on a subject-specific computational human knee model in a dynamic knee simulator using design of experiments [1]
    Optimization of Soil-Lime and Cement Mixes for Compressed Earth Stabilized Blocks for Low-Cost Housing in East Africa (Kenya) [1]
    Optimization of the slag tap for the gasification of sustainable feedstocks [1]
    Organizational Culture and Failure to Fail in Academic Programs of Nursing [1]
    Organoisocyanates: the conformational stability determination by infrared, raman and microwave spectroscopy and ab initio calculation [1]