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    SAF-DL: Semantic Analysis Framework for Deep Learning Open Source Projects
    Sandoz Writing (Righting) History
    Satellite-based assessment of invasive vegetation in Lake Chad Basin, West Africa
    Saudization or Sustainable Jobs Creation: Two Approaches In Solving Unemployment in Saudi Arabia
    Scheduling schemes for throughput optimization in wireless adhoc networks using directional antennas
    School Counseling for the Achievement Gap: Attitudes and Beliefs of School Counseling Graduate Students About Culturally Responsive School Counseling
    Scientific Evidence on the Environmental and Health Effects of Land Application of Biosolids
    Scissors for Orchestra
    Searching for Interacting Early Type Galaxies at Late Cosmic Times
    Searching in a Sorted Linked List and Sort Integers into a Linked List
    Secondary school choral directors' self reported beliefs and behaviors regarding fundamental choral elements and rehearsal approaches
    Security in pervasive health care using location-based key generation schemes
    Segmentation and Feature Extraction Methods for Ocular Modalities
    Seismic characteristics and strain of coal during the sorption of CO2 and CH4
    Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Scoured Bridge Systems
    Self adapting smart electrical grid
    Self Synchronization of Moving Vehicles
    Self-Organizing Networks Prospects for Group Scheduling for Disaster Relief and Public Safety Communications in Cellular Networks
    A Semantic Approach for Automatic Recovery of Software Architecture
    Semantic code search and analysis