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  • Beneath the light: stage-bound and ankle-cuffed 

    Jordan, Alli (2014-07-30)
    The creative thesis includes both plays and poetry which cover multiple themes surrounding the female performer, in the media, on the stage, and in everyday life. The play, "An Evening of Alli Jordan" is a meta-theatrical ...
  • The Fiction We Make Between Us 

    Myers, Marcus (2013)
    This manuscript contains two sections, “Quiet Project” and “Notes for a Memoir,” each of which could later expand into a separate chapbook, or a section of a book, of poems. In the first section, “Quiet Project”, the ...
  • Home Almost 

    Leggard, Teresa (2014)
    This thesis explores the concept of home, what it means to be at home – or not at home – in one’s nation, family, dwelling or even in one’s own body. The speakers in these poems, whether through participation, observation ...
  • Life without my head 

    Abernathy, Piper Lynn (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2011-05-24)
    This book of poems understands the human body as artifice, a device to broadcast and receive pain, even as it promises great pleasure. Here, this device is mostly female: a hyper-sexualized screensaver for a voyeuristic ...
  • Machined Music 

    Clifton, Brian (2014)
    In this master thesis, the candidate presents his collection of original poems, accompanied by a critical introduction, which explains his writing and revision process. In the critical introduction, careful attention is ...
  • The Shape of the Room as Silence 

    Moessner, John Anthony (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2018)
    This thesis in creative writing is a manuscript of poems that examine grief and loss, and their reverberations through the objects and memories of people that are left behind. It is the result of workshops, collaboration ...
  • Stealing Fire 

    Leyrson, Timothy (University of Missouri–Kansas City, 2015)
    The poems that make up this collection tend to play with what is one of the oldest concepts to exist, transition. This collection attempts to demonstrate the experiences that generate the pressures required; such as light ...
  • Straight Jackets, and Other Escapes 

    Weiss, Randall Joseph (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
  • Threads Bared 

    Navarro, Michelle Marie (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This thesis is part response part exploration into the world of those fighting and losing the battle over addiction. It is meant to follow the progression of addiction, from the root causes beginning in early childhood ...
  • Tollbooth at the Edge of the World 

    Reeves, Andrew Scott (2016)
    This thesis in creative writing is a manuscript of poems that examine and deconstruct death, mortality and the apocalypse. It is the product of extensive research, workshops and collaboration with the professors and ...