• Beneath the light: stage-bound and ankle-cuffed 

    Jordan, Alli (2014-07-30)
    The creative thesis includes both plays and poetry which cover multiple themes surrounding the female performer, in the media, on the stage, and in everyday life. The play, "An Evening of Alli Jordan" is a meta-theatrical ...
  • Family traditions 

    Scott, Eric Otis (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2011-01-20)
    Family Traditions tells the story of young adults who have grown up as Wiccans. Because Wicca remains a new and small religion, the vast majority of its followers converted from Christianity or other faiths, and the number ...
  • The Medical Record 

    Hirthler, Maureen A. (2015-07-28)
    A collection of personal essays, “The Medical Record” is an exploration of my life in medicine. It has three primary goals. First, to portray an accurate account of my training and practice as a female physician, with ...
  • Pussycat rampage 

    Friend, Timothy E. (2013-05-28)
    Cinnamon's job for rural crime-boss Big Poppa usually calls for her to break the law, not surrender to it. But when Big Poppa's son Bobby-Tommy badly beats a young man in a nearby town that's just what she's asked to ...
  • Road/Map/Canvas 

    Joshi, Sameer (2015-07-28)
    The poems in this thesis explore the connection between imagination, space and belonging. Actual landscapes provoke imaginative responses. A small town in South Peru becomes the focus of desire, belonging and nostalgia. ...
  • You People: A Collection of Stories and Essays 

    Jacquinot, Liz C. (2015-08-11)