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    Electronic Stucture of Elemental Boron
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network
    Evaluation of a Developmentally-Based Music Therapy Tool for Children with Autism
    Family traditions
    François Boucher and His Chinoiserie
    InfoKiosk: An Information Kiosk With Text-Free User Interface
    Joanna Baillie: The Theory in Her Plays on the Passions and an Analysis of Four Dramas Within that Series
    Meretites' Faience Ushebtis: An Analysis and Determination of their Production in a Late Period or Ptolemaic Workshop
    A New Strong Proactive Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme with Unconditional Security
    Non-Monogamous Individuals compared to Monogamous Individuals: The Differences in Their Relationships, Specifically Sexual Risk Behaviors and Level of Trust
    Optimization of Bridge Approach Slab
    Performance Impacts Due to Number Portability Under Various Routing Schemes
    Politics and Pandemic in 1918 Kansas City
    Sexual assault Prevention Programs: Examining the effects on Middle School Adolescents' Attitudes and Behaviors
    Socio-Cultural Communication System--a Communication Mechanism For Multi-Media Information Access System for Non-Literate and Linguistically Diverse Users
    A Study of Locator ID Separation Protocol
    Transport Characteristics of Amorphous Semiconductors in the Dilute Carrier Regime: A Variable Range Hopping Treatment
    Validation of a Subject Specific Canine Hind Limb Model with Emphasis on an Anatomical Stifle
    VirtualMindTrial: An Intelligent Questionnaire System for Clinical Trail Recruitment
    Visual narratives and the portrait busts of Edmonia Lewis