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    Electronic Stucture of Elemental Boron [1]
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network [1]
    Evaluation of a Developmentally-Based Music Therapy Tool for Children with Autism [1]
    Family traditions [1]
    François Boucher and His Chinoiserie [1]
    InfoKiosk: An Information Kiosk With Text-Free User Interface [1]
    Joanna Baillie: The Theory in Her Plays on the Passions and an Analysis of Four Dramas Within that Series [1]
    Meretites' Faience Ushebtis: An Analysis and Determination of their Production in a Late Period or Ptolemaic Workshop [1]
    A New Strong Proactive Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme with Unconditional Security [1]
    Non-Monogamous Individuals compared to Monogamous Individuals: The Differences in Their Relationships, Specifically Sexual Risk Behaviors and Level of Trust [1]
    Optimization of Bridge Approach Slab [1]
    Performance Impacts Due to Number Portability Under Various Routing Schemes [1]
    Politics and Pandemic in 1918 Kansas City [1]
    Sexual assault Prevention Programs: Examining the effects on Middle School Adolescents' Attitudes and Behaviors [1]
    Socio-Cultural Communication System--a Communication Mechanism For Multi-Media Information Access System for Non-Literate and Linguistically Diverse Users [1]
    A Study of Locator ID Separation Protocol [1]
    Transport Characteristics of Amorphous Semiconductors in the Dilute Carrier Regime: A Variable Range Hopping Treatment [1]
    Validation of a Subject Specific Canine Hind Limb Model with Emphasis on an Anatomical Stifle [1]
    VirtualMindTrial: An Intelligent Questionnaire System for Clinical Trail Recruitment [1]
    Visual narratives and the portrait busts of Edmonia Lewis [1]