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    Acetaminophen Versus Ibuprofen for the Control of Immediate and Delayed Pain Following Orthodontic Separator Placement [1]
    Anonymous Multicast Communication for Wireless Networks Using Layered Encryption and Hashing [1]
    Application of Wrapper Methods to Non-Invasive Brain-State Detection: An Opto-Electric Approach [1]
    Automobile Searches: The Gap Between the Theory and Praxis of Law [1]
    Behavorial Assessment of Synesthetic Perception: Color Perception and Visual Imagery in Synesthesia [1]
    Classification of Human Postural and Gestural Movements Using Center of Pressure Parameters Derived From Force Platforms [1]
    Consumer holiday structure: an analysis of Christian holiday patterns and consumer ritual practice in America [1]
    Containment in the City: Boundaries, Bodies, and the Politics of Urban Space [1]
    Determinants of Earnings for Asian Immigrants in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area [1]
    Development of Multibody Soft Tissue Models and Their Tuning to Experimental Data: With a Focus in the Canine Meniscus [1]
    Electronic Stucture of Elemental Boron [1]
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network [1]
    Evaluation of a Developmentally-Based Music Therapy Tool for Children with Autism [1]
    Family traditions [1]
    François Boucher and His Chinoiserie [1]
    InfoKiosk: An Information Kiosk With Text-Free User Interface [1]
    Joanna Baillie: The Theory in Her Plays on the Passions and an Analysis of Four Dramas Within that Series [1]
    Meretites' Faience Ushebtis: An Analysis and Determination of their Production in a Late Period or Ptolemaic Workshop [1]
    A New Strong Proactive Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme with Unconditional Security [1]
    Non-Monogamous Individuals compared to Monogamous Individuals: The Differences in Their Relationships, Specifically Sexual Risk Behaviors and Level of Trust [1]