The UMKC Conservatory of Music has earned national and international recognition through its music and dance performance, composition, teaching and scholarship. The most comprehensive music and dance educational center in the Midwest since 1906, the Conservatory boasts more than 80 faculty widely recognized as world-class scholars, artists, teachers and leaders in their fields.

The Conservatory attracts many of the finest students in the world with more than 600 musicians and dancers currently enrolled. The students are nearly equally divided between undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The Conservatory consists of six divisions including Composition, Music Theory and Musicology, Dance, Instrumental Studies, Keyboard Studies, Music Education/Music Therapy, and Vocal Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • Redwall Symphonic Poem for Orchestra 

    Luetkemeyer, Joshua Kyle (2015-08-04)
    Redwall is programmatically based off of the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques. The story takes place in a medieval world where animals are given human characteristics. The protagonist, Martin, is a slave mouse who ...
  • Chamber Symphony 

    Kern, Joseph (2015-08-04)
    “Chamber Symphony” is a symphony for chamber orchestra (flute/piccolo, oboe/english horn, clarinet, bassoon, two horns in F, piano, and strings) and soprano. It is in a nesting doll structure. That is, there are increasingly ...
  • Darwin's Thought 

    Tam, Ka Shu (2015-07-28)
    It is difficult to describe accurately the bond between humans and society. Our current society is morphing at such a gradual pace that no one seems to notice many changes. Those changes, however, accumulate and in fact ...
  • The Effect of Performance Condition on Second-Grade Student’s Rhythmic Accuracy While Sight-Reading 

    Schwinger, Michelle Renee (2015-07-28)
    The purpose of this study was to examine rhythmic performance accuracy while sightreading rhythms using either rhythmic speaking, body percussion, or instruments. A secondary purpose of this study was to study possible ...
  • Bird-like: five scenes for sinfonietta (or chamber orchestra) 

    Ottum, Cooper Riley (2015-07-28)
    Bird-like is a continuous series of five musical scenes for sinfonietta, or, optionally, chamber orchestra (single winds, with a small string section). Each scene is inspired by the motions, behaviors, and physical ...
  • Excursus: Three Art Songs for Soprano and Flexible Media 

    Kauhl, Cody Lee (2015-07-28)
    Commissioned by coloratura soprano Mikaela Sullivan for performance in April 2014, Excursus explores the methods in which modern television broadcasting attempts to provide different facets of human desire, thus propagating ...
  • Musical Contour Regulation Facilitation (MCRF) to Support Emotion Regulation Development in Preschoolers: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study 

    Moore, Kimberly Sena (2015-06-19)
    Emotion regulation (ER) is the ability for a person to maintain a comfortable state of arousal by controlling and shifting his or her emotional experiences and expressions. The emergence of maladaptive ER occurs in ...
  • Three Images of the Vicissitude of Weather : a chamber orchestra 

    Kim, Sori (2015-05-27)
    Three Images of the Vicissitude of Weather is a piece for chamber orchestra and consists with three movements (Darkness Before a Storm, The Chaos, and One Fine Morning) by describing images of changing weather. The piece ...
  • Lapse of time, for flute, clarine, violin, cello, percussion and piano 

    Yang, Ming (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 3/10/2015)
    The inspiration for this piece came from some initial sounds in my mind. The music is combination of these sounds, which sometimes mix well and sometimes collide. In order to realize these sounds, I created three primary ...

    Mims, Jeremy; Dallo y Lana, Miguel Mateo. Domine ad adjubandum me festina; Dallo y Lana, Miguel Mateo. Beatus vir (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2015-03-09)
    As research into the Mexican Baroque continues to expand, forgotten composers and their works are garnering deserved attention. Miguel Mateo Dallo y Lana (c. 1650-1705), who served as maestro de capilla [chapel master] at ...

    Johnson, Richard W., 1978- (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2015-03-09)
    Quaerere Sententias (“search for meaning”) is a collection of pieces composed for soloists, digital audio, and video. The first set, Quaerere Sententias I, is comprised of three pieces: Introit, for trumpet; Hiram, for ...

    Bolte, Jason Lee, 1985- (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2015-03-09)
    "Child's Play" is a collection of three pieces for instruments and fixed electronic media inspired by the sounds of my daughter's toys. The first piece, "With My Eyes Shut" is for clarinet and fixed electronic media, the ...
  • Neurologic music therapy (NMT) theory & technique 

    Groene, Robert William (2012-06-05)
  • Ms. Linto 

    Kuo, Kuan Chi (2014-09-30)
    Ms. Linto is inspired by a famous Taiwan legend called Ms. Linto. This story happened in Tainan. Linto who is a widow and raises three kinds alone, was tricked out of her life saving by a smooth talking handsome man, ACSi ...
  • Charles Mingus Played Bass?: Rediscovering a Jazz Soloist Through Transcription 

    Stinson, Andrew Williams (2014-09-30)
    Bassist and composer Charles Mingus (1922-1979) was one of jazz music's most influential and prolific artists. Both his instrumental and compositional abilities were highly regarded during his life, and remain so today. ...
  • Flourishes (2012.13) for chamber orchestra 

    Omiccioli, Nicholas Scott (2014-09-30)
    flourishes (2012.13) for chamber orchestra was composed for the Summer Music Institute at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. The title serves as a description for the active woodwind parts and large scale ...
  • Gumiho how I tried to give up eating human livers and love someone: an opera in two acts 

    Kim, Nahyun (2014-08-28)
    Gumiho (pronounced goo-mi-ho) is an opera based on an ancient Korean folktale about a 5,000 year old fox-monster with nine tails whose only source of nourishment is human livers. The complete opera will be in two acts ...
  • Fit to Live, a flexible form concerto for wind ensemble 

    Pulatie, Leah Sproul (2014-08-28)
    This work is a flexible form concerto for trumpet and wind ensemble. It consists of several fixed sections, or modules, that can be put together in several specific pre-determined ways to create various versions of the ...
  • The Orchestral and Band Works of David Kraehenbuehl 

    Dissmore, Larry (2003-05-01)
    This paper explores the compositional output for large ensembles by David Kraehenbuehl and purposes to engender within other conductors an interest in performing his works.
  • Preparing the High School Piano Student for College Applied Music Study 

    Bronaugh, Mary, C. (1974)
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the piano prerequisites for entering college freshmen planning to major in piano or in organ. A survey is made of fifteen selected schools of music which offer bachelor of music ...

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