The UMKC Conservatory of Music has earned national and international recognition through its music and dance performance, composition, teaching and scholarship. The most comprehensive music and dance educational center in the Midwest since 1906, the Conservatory boasts more than 80 faculty widely recognized as world-class scholars, artists, teachers and leaders in their fields.

The Conservatory attracts many of the finest students in the world with more than 600 musicians and dancers currently enrolled. The students are nearly equally divided between undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The Conservatory consists of six divisions including Composition, Music Theory and Musicology, Dance, Instrumental Studies, Keyboard Studies, Music Education/Music Therapy, and Vocal Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • Memories of My Hometown 

    Liu, Yintong (2021)
    My orchestral piece, Memories of My Hometown, has two movements: I. Pine Trees Standing on the Snowy Mountain; II. Passionate Land. After studying abroad for many years, I yearned for my hometown in China and hoped to ...
  • La Generazione dell'Ottanta and the Italian Sound 

    Racanati, Alberto (2021)
    La Generazione dell’Ottanta (The Generation of the Eighties) is a generation of Italian composers born in the 1880s, all of whom reached their artistic maturity between the two World Wars and who made it a point to part ...
  • Poems and pictures: a perspective of musical journey in piano recital 

    Tanujaya, Regina Adelia (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2021)
    Piano recitals are often associated with listening to beautiful and virtuosic performances. While most of the piano repertoire are absolute music, there are a few programmatic piano pieces that have stories, poems, or other ...
  • The Tale of the Southern Tour 

    Li , Shaosheng (2021)
    The Tale of the Southern Tour for orchestra is commissioned by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Shaoguan City in Guangdong province in 2019. The piece received its world premiere in December 2019 at the Guangzhou ...
  • The Wanderer in the Depths of Dreams for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Two Percussionists, Piano, Classical Guitar, Violin, Cello, and Live Electronics 

    Zou, Hao (2021)
    This piece is the final piece of music composed using my favorite techniques and styles before entering my doctorate program. For me, it marks both a watershed of my professional development and a brand-new start. Drawing ...
  • Going off the rails: exploring the impact of the railroad on the development of musical culture in Kansas City, Missouri (1869-1905) 

    Roderer, Gabriella (2021)
    Kansas City, Missouri, is a musical oasis in the United States. In addition to being considered one of the four original jazz centers, local audiences also enthusiastically welcome art music and experimental music of all ...
  • Antumbra - Concerto for Classical Guitar and Chamber Orchestra 

    Owen-Leary, Patrick (2021)
    Antumbra (ænt - UHM - bruh) is a concerto for classical guitar and chamber orchestra with programmatic elements based on the toils of self-discovery. The Latin word ‘antumbra’ (‘ant-‘: “before”; ‘umbra’: “shadow”) describes ...
  • "Oh, When the Wiz": An Ethnography of Communal Music-Making in Kansas City Soccer Culture 

    Gillock, Nicholas (2021)
    If you have spent any amount of time in the United States, you have certainly encountered the frenzied culture around professionalized sports. Attending a game, you have likely engaged in some participatory music-making ...
  • Compromise (Fusion) for suona and orchestra 

    Ling, Kwan Leung (2021)
    Compromise (Fusion) (for suona and orchestra) is a work that delves into the chemistry between the suona and a Western approach to orchestration. The suona has not yet been fully “discovered” by composers. Traditionally, ...
  • Flashbacks : for percussion trio 

    Wang, Siqi (2021)
    Flashbacks is a five-movement piece for percussion trio. This work aims to explore the unique sounds and effects of various combinations of percussion instruments. Each movement emphasizes a distinct theme: motif and ...
  • String Quartet I 

    Whitney-Johnson, Laura (2021)
    String Quartet I is a composition in four movements for string quartet. Each movement expresses a specific emotional and sensory experience with rainwater. Movement I, "Flood Plain," was inspired by wetlands in Nebraska ...
  • Book of Birds 

    Berlinsky, Paul Stanton (2021)
    Book of Birds is a composition for flute and electronics inspired by birds. Throughout human history, artists have developed stories and music about the natural world around them. In this piece, Book of Birds, I am adding ...
  • Viola Concerto 

    Rocha, Sofía Aasland (2021)
    This work seeks out a few different questions in each of its movements, present always though is the question of the relationship between the individual and group. This relationship comes to the fore in the genre of concerto ...
  • Mountains in the Distance 

    Cholodenko, Devin (2021)
    This thesis explores the mechanics of musical composition and orchestration through the lens of an orchestral tone poem. The work presents various musical materials with characteristics and qualities in accordance ...
  • Musical multiplicities: The lives and reception of four post-Romantic women 

    Beasley, Bryanna (2021)
    Many musical women were active during the Romantic and Post-Romantic eras. They hailed from a variety of backgrounds, and worked in a variety of musical vocations. This thesis focuses on four of these multi-talented ...
  • "Truly Qualified": The Transnational Reception of Giovanni Rovetta's Music in Seventeenth-Century Europe 

    Eades, Lacie Marie (2021)
    Early modern Venice flourished artistically and musically as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of Europe, and the Basilica of St. Mark’s represented the visual and musical power of La Serenissima. Giovanni Rovetta, ...
  • Broken Gourd 

    Gallo-Balma, Giuseppe Junior (2021)
    Broken Gourd for Wind Ensemble uses elements from Dominican and Haitian folklore such as rhythms taken directly from the Afro-Latinx communities (mainly from Haitian voodoo drumming) combined with melodic lines that imitate ...
  • Beethoven’s Musical Influence on the Solo Piano Music of Juri Seo 

    Lee, Kowoon (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2021)
  • "O Wake in Me": Contextualizing Vocal Writing, Text-Setting, and Harmonic Syntax in Richard Strauss's Deutsche Motette, Op. 62 

    Shannon, Alexander Michael (2021)
    As a composer, Richard Strauss is best known for his operas, symphonic (tone) poems, and lieder. Scholars, however, have placed less analytical focus on his choral music. A key component of nearly all of Strauss’s music ...
  • Allied Armada, A Dynamic Soundtrack for a Real-Time Strategy Computer Game 

    Hoffman, Anderson (2020)
    Allied Armada is a Real-Time Strategy game, with a Sci-Fi setting in outer space. The soundtrack was composed with a dynamic system that allows it to respond to what is happening within the game; broadly, it can switch ...

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