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    The Effect of Performance Condition on Second-Grade Student’s Rhythmic Accuracy While Sight-Reading [1]
    The effect of rhythm and melody on language development and sensory organization in children with autism [1]
    The effects of projected films on singers' expressivity in choral performance [1]
    Evaluation of a Developmentally-Based Music Therapy Tool for Children with Autism [1]
    Exploring Student Outcomes from an International Experience as part of the Music Therapy Curriculum [1]
    Factors influencing non-music majors' decisions to participate in collegiate bands [1]
    Infants Perceptual Development and Clinical Applications [1]
    Interprofessional Collaboration Across the Treatment Process in Music Therapy [1]
    Music Education Professors’ Beliefs Regarding Essential Musical, Academic, and Emotional Skills in Undergraduate Music Education [1]
    Musical Contour Regulation Facilitation (MCRF) to Support Emotion Regulation Development in Preschoolers: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study [1]
    Neurologic music therapy (NMT) theory & technique [1]
    Neurologic music therapy theory and technique [1]
    NMT theory & technique [1]
    Perceived Stress among Public School Music Educators: Stress over Time, Demographic Differences, Common Self-Identified Factors of Stress, and Relationships between Demographic Differences and Emergent Stress Themes [1]
    Promoting parent-child secure attachment bonds in adoptive families through community-based family music groups: a heuristic grounded theory study [1]
    Rhythmic auditory-motor entrainment of gait patterns in adults with blindness or severe visual impairment [1]
    Secondary school choral directors' self reported beliefs and behaviors regarding fundamental choral elements and rehearsal approaches [1]