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    Diving for PURLs (December 2010)
    Diving for PURLs (Evidence-based practice, 2010)
    Diving for PURLs (November 2010)
    Do beta-blockers worsen respiratory status in patients with COPD?
    Do daily inhaled corticosteroids provide benefit over as-needed inhaled steroids for mild persistent asthma?
    Do inhaled beta-agonists control cough in acute bronchitis?
    Do inhaled levalbuterol and racemic albuterol have different cardiac effects?
    Do pretreatment blood cultures improve outcomes in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)?
    Do short-acting calcium channel blockers increase the risk of cardiovascular events?
    Do you need to use heparin when initiating warfarin therapy in a patient with atrial fibrillation?
    Does consumption of green tea decrease mortality due to cardiovascular disease?
    Does depression adversely affect outcomes in asthma?
    Does dietary fat reduction alter the risk of cardiovascular events in women?
    Does early insertion of tympanostomy tubes improve developmental outcomes of children with chronic middle ear effusion?
    Does empathy matter in treating the common cold?
    Does screening for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women affect outcomes?
    Does stopping a proton pump inhibitor cause a clinically important rebound phenomenon?
    Does the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG) have a role in the management of postpartum hemorrhage?
    Does the use of EMLA cream decrease the pain of circumcision in newborn boys?
    Does treating children with acute diarrhea and vomiting with intravenous fluids improve the time and extent of recovery?