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    Galileo's play [1]
    HbA1c added to diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus [1]
    Help Desk Answers [85]
    How accurate is ear thermometry for diagnosing fever in children? [1]
    How accurate is HbA1c in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus? [1]
    How accurate is MRI for detecting breast cancer in high-risk women? [1]
    How effective is rate control compared with rhythm control in preventing adverse outcomes in patients with atrial fibrillation? [1]
    How long should antibiotic therapy be continued for an uncomplicated, symptomatic lower UTI in an elderly woman? [1]
    How safe and effective are meningococcal vaccines? [1]
    How safe and effective are platelet-rich plasma injections for decreasing pain in patients with tendinopathy? [1]
    How should physicians mitigate medicolegal risk when completing sports preparticipation evaluations? [1]
    How useful is ultrasound to evaluate a patient with postmenopausal bleeding? [1]
    In adults with CAD, does supplementation with folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6 reduce the risk of subsequent ischemic events? [1]
    Is a structured exercise program as effective as arthroscopic surgery for decreasing the pain of nontraumatic meniscal injuries? [1]
    Is acupuncture effective therapy for depression? [1]
    Is acupuncture effective therapy for irritable bowel syndrome? [1]
    Is allergen immunotherapy safe and effective for patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis? [1]
    Is amnioinfusion beneficial for babies after preterm rupture of membranes? [1]
    Is amnioinfusion beneficial when umbilical cord compression is suspected during labor? [1]
    Is any single medication for major depression superior to others? [1]