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    What are appropriate treatment goals for hypertension in the very elderly (greater-than or equal to 80 years)?
    What are effective nonpharmacologic and nonsurgical treatments for temporomandibular joint syndrome?
    What are effective treatments for painful varicose veins?
    What are the adverse effects of aggressive glucose control in type 2 diabetes?
    What are the adverse effects of aggressive glucose control in type two diabetes?
    What are the best antivirals for the treatment of influenza?
    What are the best treatment options for Friedreich ataxia (FA)?
    What are the causes of systolic murmurs in young children?
    What are the diagnostic criteria for HELLP syndrome?
    What are the most effective and safest pharmacologic treatments for adults with chronic, primary insomnia?
    What are the risks of overtreating hyperlipidemia with statins?
    What are the risks of using atenolol for blood pressure control during pregnancy?
    What blood tests are helpful in diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease?
    What common food additives can cause acute, nonallergic symptoms?
    What interventions are effective for chronic recurrent yeast vaginitis?
    What interventions improve outcomes for patients with isolated low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL)?
    What is the appropriate evaluation of a newborn with skin tags or pits near the ear?
    What is the appropriate management of patients after cardiac stent placement?
    What is the best approach to managing a patient with a mildly elevated AST and/or ALT?
    What is the best dressing for second-degree burns?