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    Decision-making involvement, self-efficacy, and the relationship to transition readiness in youth with sickle cell disease [1]
    Deep learning based solutions to biomedical image analysis problems of the upper aerodigestive tract [1]
    Deep learning for small object detection in images [1]
    Detecting and explaining differential item functioning on the social, academic, and emotional behavior risk screener [1]
    Determinants of legislative staff turnover [1]
    Developement of a framework for asphalt performance-related specification and performance prediction [1]
    Developing a novel method for making metal oxide nanocoatings for electrocatalysis applications [1]
    Development of highly selective fluorescent sensors for detection of glycolipids in vesicles and visualization of glutamate for neuronal imaging [1]
    Development of tissue based biomaterials for articular cartilage injuries [1]
    Development of translational models for intervertebral disc degeneration using a comparative approach for canine and human patients [1]
    Disentangling alcohol-specific alcohol use disorder criteria from externalizing psychopathology using an empirically driven approach [1]
    Displaced voices and accentscapes in French and Francophone Sub-Saharan cinema : recasting, reshaping, and restoring identity (-ies) in transnational films [1]
    Distributing leadership to leaders [1]
    Early Franciscan painted panels as a response to the Italian Cathars [1]
    The ecology of organizational forms in local and regional food systems: exploring the scaling-up challenge via a species concept [1]
    Educative features of upper elementary Eureka math curriculum [1]
    Effect of climate change, drought, and insects on oak-pine forests in the Ozark highlands [1]
    The effect of visual inspection reliability on risk-based inspection [1]
    The effectiveness of psychoeducational interventions on quality of life for family caregivers : a systematic review and meta-analysis [1]
    Effects of large fires on boreal forests of China : historical reconstruction and future prediction through landscape modeling [1]