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    Leveraging large scale beef cattle genomic data to identify the architecture of polygenic selection and local adaptation [1]
    Linear and multilinear spherical maximal functions [1]
    The lower senses in early Netherlandish epiphany altarpieces [1]
    Managerial e-learning professionals at the corporate university [1]
    Material property prediction and structural inverse design with modern deep learning techniques [1]
    Mathematical and computational modeling of fluid flow with applications in ophthalmology and geoscience [1]
    Mechanical metamaterials application in wave mitigation and structure protection [1]
    Mechanisms for chlorinated lipids in sepsis [1]
    Media literacy education in higher education policy : pedagogical choices and learning outcomes [1]
    A mediation analysis of spirituality, wellbeing, and academic performance in first-generation and low-income college students [1]
    Medical students' narratives of peer bullying in women [1]
    Medieval romance, fanfiction, and the erotics of shame [1]
    Mental health education in New York state schools : the teachers' perspective [1]
    Merging technology development of trapped ion mobility spectrometry quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry with biological investigation of Medicago truncatularoot exudates [1]
    The microecology of identity in the last plays of Lanford Wilson [1]
    Modeling of gallium nitride transistors for high power and high temperature applications [1]
    Multi-scale self-assembly of nanoenergetic materials utilizing functionalized graphene [1]
    Multi-stage cloud framework based on agents for dynamic, scalable, and secure distributed computing [1]
    A multiple case study of female students' academic self-efficacy while participating in a middle school robotics program [1]
    Multiscale phase change, heat and mass transfer in direct contact membrane distillation [1]