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    Narrating disturbance : risk, power, and Mountain Pine Beetles [1]
    A narrative of K-12 rural tenured music teachers : stories of those who stay the course [1]
    The nature of evidence utilized in healthcare architectural design decisions at five Midwestern critical access hospitals [1]
    Navigation and social learning among first semester retained university students : exploration of programs and experiences at a comprehensive, public, open-enrollment institution [1]
    New methods for interpret the ultimate axial load capacity of driven square concrete piles [1]
    New topologies of high gain-step-up dc-dc power converters for renewable energy applications [1]
    The non-sequential path between indigenous social movements and collective rights in Latin America : the role of organizations and institutional conditions to tell the story [1]
    The nonprofit incorporation of America, 1860-1932 [1]
    Northern bobwhite brood ecology and population dynamics in southwest Missouri [1]
    Novel techniques for cold/ultracold molecular collisions [1]
    Numerical and experimental investigations on capillary-driven thin-film evaporation with applications in pumped two-phase loop and loop thermosyphon [1]
    Occupy, blockade, circulate : narrating community in 21st century crisis fiction [1]
    On poetry : the emergence and function of meaning [1]
    "One foot on the other side" : suicideality in contemporary African diaspora fiction [1]
    Optimal control approaches for consensus and path planning in multi-agent systems [1]
    Optimization of bitterness in chocolate through roasting with analysis of related changes in important bitter compounds [1]
    Organic-inorganic hybrid materials for arsenic adsorption : surface complexation and intraparticle diffusion [1]
    Overcoming the negative effects of astroturfing attacks on crisis outcomes with strategic communication strategies [1]
    Parent attachment and prosocial behaviors in Asian Indian young adults : prosocial moral reasoning and respect for family as intervening mechanisms [1]
    Persistence of treatment effects in token economies informed by dimensions of reinforcement [1]