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    Occupy, blockade, circulate : narrating community in 21st century crisis fiction [1]
    On poetry : the emergence and function of meaning [1]
    "One foot on the other side" : suicideality in contemporary African diaspora fiction [1]
    Optimal control approaches for consensus and path planning in multi-agent systems [1]
    Optimization of bitterness in chocolate through roasting with analysis of related changes in important bitter compounds [1]
    Organic-inorganic hybrid materials for arsenic adsorption : surface complexation and intraparticle diffusion [1]
    Overcoming the negative effects of astroturfing attacks on crisis outcomes with strategic communication strategies [1]
    Parent attachment and prosocial behaviors in Asian Indian young adults : prosocial moral reasoning and respect for family as intervening mechanisms [1]
    Persistence of treatment effects in token economies informed by dimensions of reinforcement [1]
    Phase retrieval in frame theory [1]
    A phenomenological study of gifted cross-cultural kids at an international school : exploration of intersecting identities [1]
    Phonons and thermal neutron scattering in [gamma]-U and U-Mo alloys [1]
    Photocatalytic antimicrobial coating for food contact surfaces [1]
    Physical activity and social comparison : effects of a group-based Fitbit intervention [1]
    Physics-based modeling for RNA folding stability and kinetics [1]
    Pigmentation and practice : understanding perceptions of white female teachers within a colorblind racial ideology framework [1]
    The politics of CO2 emissions [1]
    The precision of retrieving temporal information : behavioral and electrophysiological studies [1]
    Predictive measures to identify target skill sets necessary for completion of future teachers in teacher preparation program [1]
    Programmable elastic metamaterials for wave and vibration control [1]