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    A qualitative bounded case study on teacher and administrator perceptions of students' adverse childhood experiences in rural, northwest Missouri elementary school [1]
    A qualitative case study of how an English language program at a U.S. university prepares Chinese students for U.S. undergraduate programs and communicative competence [1]
    Quantitative analysis of impact of response to intervention on 2019 sixth-grade rural public middle school Missouri assessment program performance by free and reduced-price lunch eligibility [1]
    Quantum aspects of roaming dynamics [1]
    Racial discrimination and mental health : temporal dynamics and neurocognitive moderators [1]
    Reducing prejudice through self-affirmation [1]
    Refining school mental health screening using mixture modeling : evaluation for use in applied settings [1]
    The relationship between medication adherence, health literacy and social support network in the hypertensive emergency department patient [1]
    Reliability of EAM potentials for FCC metals properties prediction [1]
    Reliability-based analysis of settlements of shallow foundations on cohesionless soils [1]
    The resiliency of black graduate students at predominantly white institutions [1]
    The role of hepatocellular eNOS in NAFLD development and hepatic mitochondrial adaptations to exercise [1]
    The role of positive father involvement in the associations among stressful family life events, family functioning, and parental warmth in predicting children's sociobehavioral health in Korean families [1]
    The role of TRAF3IP2 in obesity-associated vascular insulin resistance and dysfunction [1]
    Roles of dynamin-related protein network in plant immune responses and development [1]
    Secondary benefits of family member participation in treatments for childhood disorders : a multilevel meta-analysis [1]
    Selling the virtual university : a multimodal discourse analysis of marketing for online learning [1]
    Semiparametric analysis of complex longitudinal data [1]
    Sleep, exercise, and insulin sensitivity [1]
    Social-ecological correlates of aggression in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder [1]