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    Secondary benefits of family member participation in treatments for childhood disorders : a multilevel meta-analysis [1]
    Selling the virtual university : a multimodal discourse analysis of marketing for online learning [1]
    Semiparametric analysis of complex longitudinal data [1]
    Sleep, exercise, and insulin sensitivity [1]
    Social-ecological correlates of aggression in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    Sociocognitive and socioemotive factors associated with early academic abilities in preschool children in Costa Rica [1]
    Spatio-temporal acquisition, reconstruction, and visualization of dynamic scenes for plant phenotyping [1]
    The spirit of exhibition and visual pedagogy in the work of Charles and Ray Eames [1]
    Stakeholders perceptions of organizational goal attainment at the secondary school level through the lens of authentic learning theory [1]
    Startup, transition core, and molybdenum-99 production upgrade analyses for low-enriched uranium fuel conversion at the University of Missouri research reactor [1]
    Static and creep response of RC beams strengthened with CFRP [1]
    Stimulus responsive 3D structures by self-morphing polymeric materials [1]
    Stressed out: stressed out! Implications of minority status stress among underrepresented minority BSN students [1]
    Structural studies of flavoprotein inhibitors and inactivators [1]
    A study of bacterial cellulose confined ionic liquid and deep eutectic solvent gel materials [1]
    A study of the elementary math program utilized by a mid-Missouri school district [1]
    A study of unplanned 30-day hospital readmissions in the United States : early prediction and potentially modifiable risk factor identification [1]
    Study on the feasibility of data sharing and collecting consumer wearable and mobile survey data to assess physical and mental health status : data quality and study challenges using an opt-in panel [1]
    Subjectivities of risk and environmental uncertainty : residents, regulatory agencies, and corporate interests [1]
    A survey of brand co-creation and online brand community engagement with U.S. consumers [1]