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    Taxonomic and metagenomic approaches to diet, health, and breeds of ruminants [1]
    Teachers' views of the mathematical capabilities of students with disabilities : a mixed methods study [1]
    Technology ethics in the public schools system : developing a technology ethics assessment tool through policy analysis at the secondary level [1]
    Temporal milestones during childhood : identification of a maturational spurt [1]
    Testing the limit : term limits and their unintended consequences [1]
    Theranostic and matched pair radionuclides as radiopharmaceutical as for imaging and radiotherapy [1]
    Three essays on economics of education [1]
    Three essays on the commercialization of university discoveries [1]
    Three essays on the Conservation Reserve Program [1]
    Three studies on psychological distress, health-risk behaviors, and health care access among Chinese, Filipino, and Asian Indian American Subgroups [1]
    Through a red place : poetry [1]
    Thwarted attempts at helping others : a new look at prosocial behavior and well-being [1]
    Top-soil root architecture characteristics of obsolete and modern soybean cultivars and shoot and seed nutrient contents [1]
    Topics in imbalanced data classification : AdaBoost and Bayesian relevance vector machine [1]
    Topological mechanics and acoustics : theoretical and experimental demonstration [1]
    Towards an integrative transdisciplinary framework for understanding the etiopathogenesis of problematic drinking : insights from deep phenotyping and network modeling for personalized prevention [1]
    Transformative technology : examining the capacity of virtual reality induced awe to change self-transcendent values and improve hedonic and eudaimonic well-being [1]
    Transforming the ethical behavior of clinicians through pedagogical innovation: sensemaking as a means to promote ethical practice in the face of moral ambiguity [1]
    The transition experience of faculty members into academic leadership [1]
    Transnational spaces, transitional places : Muslimness in contemporary literary imaginations [1]