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    Uncovering the genetic architecture and metabolic basis of amino acid composition in maize kernels using multi-omics integration [1]
    The underlying genetic control of maize root system architecture [1]
    Unelected oversight : the politics of government investigations and problem monitoring [1]
    The use of an application screening assessment as a predictor of teaching retention at a midwestern, K-12, public school district [1]
    User experience and robustness in social virtual reality applications [1]
    Using (microchannel) electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to detect bacterial activities [1]
    Using feedback linearization to alter the performance of multiple linear hydraulic-actuators powered by the same pump [1]
    Using metacognitive monitoring feedback to improve student learning in augmented reality environments [1]
    Vers une nouvelle colonisation : le Roman du dictateur Francophone Subsaharien et Caribeen [1]
    Virtual reality therapy takes greenspace to older nursing home residents : a pilot study [1]
    Virus interactions with the sphingolipid network : sphingosine kinase 2 in immunosuppression, immunopathology, and viral propagation [1]
    The visual language of identity : women's seals in Scotland and Ireland, c. 1100-1400 [1]
    Voice in marketing interactions [1]
    We have a duty to eradicate HIV in the community, in the world' : successful PrEP use among black men who have sex with men [1]
    'We only do food' : social assumptions of poverty and the implementation of emergency food services [1]
    Weed versus wildflower : mating system ecology in a taraxacum native-exotic contact zone [1]
    When trying to return home : stories [1]
    Who is the ideal worker? How gendered organizations adversely impact women's promotability and development [1]
    Why preferences can be optional [1]
    Yes she can : examining the educational and career pathways of African American women in senior leadership positions in 4-year public universities [1]