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    Active learning engagement classrooms at the University of Central Missouri : practical strategies to implement and sustain utilization of active learning in higher education using technology [1]
    Advocacy and accountability in school counseling : assessing the use of data as related to professional self-efficacy [1]
    Animals in ancient Greek warfare : a study of the elephant, camel, and dog [1]
    Antigone in Ferguson : the experience of seven members of the democratic chorus in a social justice musical production [1]
    Assessment and diversity of fish communities in non-wadeable tributaries of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers [1]
    Authoritarian successor parties and political protest in Asia [1]
    Before the singing : the journey of an artistic director [1]
    Big ideas in little boxes : nation building in three nineteenth-century American parlor games by Milton Bradley and Company [1]
    Biological responses of ligament and tendon graft-derived fibroblasts to clinical levels of cyclic strain [1]
    Birth order and gender : differential parental investment in Medieval England and France in the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries [1]
    Bridging biochemical activities with conformational dynamics observed in atomic force microscopy [1]
    Career development events as a predictor of fall-to-fall retention of first-year college students [1]
    Citizenship goes to the dogs [1]
    La constuccion de la nacion colombiana a traves de tres novelas sobre la colonizacion de Antioquia [1]
    Core values driving sustained elite performance cultures [1]
    Cover crop and rotation intensity effects on soil health and yield in corn-soybean cropping systems [1]
    Decision-making involvement, self-efficacy, and the relationship to transition readiness in youth with sick cell disease [1]
    Detecting and explaining differential item functioning on the social, academic, and emotional behavior risk screener [1]
    Determinants of legislative staff turnover [1]
    Displaced voices and accentscapes in French and Francophone Sub-Saharan cinema : recasting, reshaping, and restoring identity (-ies) in transnational films [1]