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    Active learning engagement classrooms at the University of Central Missouri : practical strategies to implement and sustain utilization of active learning in higher education using technology [1]
    Adams inequalities with exact growth condition : on Rn and the Heisenberg group [1]
    Adaptive apparel advocacy : a case study exploring how Mindy Scheier catalyzed the adaptive apparel market [1]
    The adjunctification of United Methodist part-time local pastors : a case study of part-time local pastors in the Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church [1]
    Advances in transfer learning methods based on computational intelligence [1]
    Advocacy and accountability in school counseling : assessing the use of data as related to professional self-efficacy [1]
    All of the doors are closed : a hermeneutic phenomenological study exploring Black gay male experiences of stigma in Black church organizing [1]
    Alternative learning strategies for spatio-temporal processes of complex animal behavior [1]
    Analytical earth-aerocapture guidance [1]
    Animals in ancient Greek warfare : a study of the elephant, camel, and dog [1]
    Anisotropic shock response of 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene (TATB) [1]
    Antigone in Ferguson : the experience of seven members of the democratic chorus in a social justice musical production [1]
    Application of electronic structure calculations to vibrational spectroscopy and gas encapsulation in zeolites [1]
    Applications of model systems to explore exchange-correlation effects in density-functional theory [1]
    Aptamers that bind filovirus GP : a new frontier for detection and neutralization of Ebola and Marburg virus [1]
    Assessing mechanical properties of the cardiovascular system [1]
    Assessment and diversity of fish communities in non-wadeable tributaries of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers [1]
    Assessment of a voluntary nonlead ammunition outreach program on midwestern national wildlife refuges [1]
    Authoritarian successor parties and political protest in Asia [1]
    "The back-and-forth form" : epistolarity in late medieval literature [1]