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    Material property prediction and structural inverse design with modern deep learning techniques [1]
    Mathematical and computational modeling of fluid flow with applications in ophthalmology and geoscience [1]
    Mechanical metamaterials application in wave mitigation and structure protection [1]
    Merging technology development of trapped ion mobility spectrometry quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry with biological investigation of Medicago truncatularoot exudates [1]
    Novel techniques for cold/ultracold molecular collisions [1]
    Organic-inorganic hybrid materials for arsenic adsorption : surface complexation and intraparticle diffusion [1]
    Overcoming the negative effects of astroturfing attacks on crisis outcomes with strategic communication strategies [1]
    Physical activity and social comparison : effects of a group-based Fitbit intervention [1]
    Programmable elastic metamaterials for wave and vibration control [1]
    A qualitative case study of how an English language program at a U.S. university prepares Chinese students for U.S. undergraduate programs and communicative competence [1]
    Teachers' views of the mathematical capabilities of students with disabilities : a mixed methods study [1]
    Technology ethics in the public schools system : developing a technology ethics assessment tool through policy analysis at the secondary level [1]
    Temporal milestones during childhood : identification of a maturational spurt [1]
    Three essays on the commercialization of university discoveries [1]
    Topological mechanics and acoustics : theoretical and experimental demonstration [1]
    Towards an integrative transdisciplinary framework for understanding the etiopathogenesis of problematic drinking : insights from deep phenotyping and network modeling for personalized prevention [1]
    The underlying genetic control of maize root system architecture [1]
    Using feedback linearization to alter the performance of multiple linear hydraulic-actuators powered by the same pump [1]
    The visual language of identity : women's seals in Scotland and Ireland, c. 1100-1400 [1]
    Voice in marketing interactions [1]