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    The blue light responses and lifetime fitness of a hyper-phototropic mutant in arabidopsis thaliana and zea mays [1]
    Catch-up innovation in emerging market multinationals [1]
    A child sentenced to serve life without a mother : the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program and incarcerated women's mothering strategies [1]
    Deep learning for small object detection in images [1]
    Distributing leadership to leaders [1]
    Epsilon multiplicity for graded algebras [1]
    Food 'four' thought : examining sigma-1 receptor antagonist PD144418 on food reinforced behaviors [1]
    Frames with desired angle properties [1]
    Frobenius closure and prime characteristic singularities [1]
    Impact level of entry on completion rates and GPA of technical education students at a Midwest community college [1]
    Initial evaluation of a mental health literacy intervention : mental health care in schools [1]
    Investigating variables which predict the presence and severity of aggression and self-injurious behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    An investigation of the perception of factors associated with daily living activities of comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation consumers [1]
    Investment in couple relationship education as a key in the process of change : received dosage, active application, and motivation for attending [1]
    Physical activity and social comparison : effects of a group-based Fitbit intervention [1]
    A qualitative case study of how an English language program at a U.S. university prepares Chinese students for U.S. undergraduate programs and communicative competence [1]
    Technology ethics in the public schools system : developing a technology ethics assessment tool through policy analysis at the secondary level [1]
    Three essays on the commercialization of university discoveries [1]
    We have a duty to eradicate HIV in the community, in the world' : successful PrEP use among black men who have sex with men [1]
    Why preferences can be optional [1]