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    3D polymeric scaffolds towards biomedical applications [1]
    Accelerating materials processing via machine learning : towards autonomous manufacturing [1]
    Accurate and robust animal species classification in the wild [1]
    Adolescent sibling caregiving and responsibilty and competence in adulthood : retrospective reports among Latina/o young adults [1]
    As many roast bones as you need [1]
    Associations between ethnic discrimination, self-mastery/control, and communicative processes in U.S. Latino/a young adults : implications for adjustment [1]
    Associations between psychosis risk and emotional distress disorders with cortical surface morphometry [1]
    Automatic oxygen controller design for premature infants with clinical evaluation [1]
    Bathing on the edge of empire : local variation and regional adaptation in the late Roman military bathhouses of Arabia/Palaestina [1]
    Beyond the border war : student civil rights activism at the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, 1946-1954 [1]
    Book of apparitions [1]
    Border threads : ethnographic tales of escape, agency, and violence in a shelter in Pakistan [1]
    Breast cancer imaging and detection using microwave technique [1]
    Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging for non-invasive detection of myocardial fibrosis [1]
    Characterization of soybean rooting depth in response to different environmental conditions [1]
    The comprehensive arrogance scale [1]
    Contribution of TRPV4 to enhanced calcium cycling and cardiac arrhythmia following ischemia-reperfusion in aged mouse hearts [1]
    Credit availability and voluntary disclosures : evidence from interstate branching deregulation [1]
    Custom templates based heterogeneous resource allocation for data-intensive applications [1]
    Deep learning based solutions to biomedical image analysis problems of the upper aerodigestive tract [1]