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    Annual evidence of moisture limitations at treeline in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains [1]
    The application of integrated regional enstrophy in identifying the south Asian summer monsoon season [1]
    Changes at treeline within the San Juan Mountains of Colorado [1]
    Characterization of the relationship between radiographic grading and biomarkers in patients with knee osteoarthritis [1]
    Contract practices and contract design in the U.S. hemp industry [1]
    Data mining student activity patterns in an interactive activity-based STEM learning environment [1]
    Does early androgen exposure moderate developmental plasticity? [1]
    Dynamic spatio-temporal graph neural networks for hot topic prediction in scientific literature [1]
    Educating for adoption : understanding long-term outcomes of the Agroforestry Academy [1]
    Effects of musical collaboration on intergroup attitudes [1]
    An evaluation of functional analysis methodology for play behaviors in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    Exploring educational values of deliberative pedagogy as a means of climate change communication [1]
    Exploring positive youth development and civic engagement in an environment action program : a Saint Louis Zoo case study [1]
    For us, by us : sociocultural targeting of HIV prevention messages to black MSM [1]
    G. Raff, spotted in the forest [1]
    Habitat selection and movements of diploid and triploid grass carp in a large reservoir [1]
    Habitat use and distribution of lithophilic spawning and riffle fishes in the East Fork Black River [1]
    Household labor and marital quality : perceived partner responsiveness as a buffer for unfair divisions of labor [1]
    Innovative immersion approach to retention of African-American 1st year chemical engineers [1]
    Intervertebral discs : metabolic responses to load, injury, and pro-inflammatory stimulation [1]