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    Application of deep reinforcement learning for battery design [1]
    The canine ocular surface microbiota [1]
    Capturing and managing daily symptoms data in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder using mobile technology [1]
    Comparative biomechanics of cranial kinesis in reptiles [1]
    A comparison of continuous versus intermittent presentation of instructive feedback on secondary target acquisition [1]
    A content analysis of word choice in social media news coverage of mass shootings [1]
    The convergence of mastery criteria and instructional format : a systematic review [1]
    Development of a four-wheeled robotic platform for autonomous inspection [1]
    Documentary advertising and consumer perception of a brand : a case study of Dove Beauty's 'Selfie' advertisement [1]
    Earthquakes in central eastern United States (CEUS) : spatiotemporal patterns and correlations with tectonic factors [1]
    The effects of blast-induced traumatic brain injury on two transgenic models of Alzheimer's Disease [1]
    Effects of soil management and plant breeding on insect herbivore growth and consumption [1]
    The effectsof context on the acquisition of different types of idiomatic expressions in students of French as a second language at the intermediate level [1]
    Feminist theory as it relates to business leaderhip content : a case of patriarchal dominant society structure [1]
    The impact of YouTube travel vlogs on destination image and viewer's travel intention : the difference between high and low trip involvement groups [1]
    Improving viability of immunodeficient RAG2-/- pigs by non-specific porcine antibody administration [1]
    Increasing independence for home skills through book and tablet schedules [1]
    Interdisciplinary practices in apllied behavior analysis: a preliminary investigation of collaborative practices among practitioners [1]
    Justifying brutality : news readers' perceptions of police violence and race [1]
    Media framing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [1]