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    A Semiotic Approach to Russian Military Map Symbology and Terms [1]
    A Synthesis and Optimization of Patented Direct Air Capture Technology [1]
    Ab initio calculations of mechanical, thermodynamic and electronic structure properties of mullite, Iota-alumina and boron carbide [1]
    Agro-pastoral Landuse Transformation: Implications and Perspectives in the Northwest Region of Cameroon [1]
    Assessing the Impact of Changing Climate on Agriculture in Missouri and the use of Crop Insurance as Adaptation Strategy (1980-2010) [1]
    Assessment of Seismic Hazards along the Northern Gulf of Aqaba [1]
    Assessment of Statistical Methods Applied to Geochemical Data for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation: A Case Study from the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan [1]
    An assessment of the impact of gentrification in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri [1]
    Assessment of the impact of the great plains biomass burning on the air quality of the Kansas City metro area [1]
    Biogeochemistry and inorganic geochemistry as indicators of the paleoenvironment and paleohydrology of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan [1]
    Biomass Burning and Its Relationship with Water Cycle Dynamics of the Chari-Logone Catchment of Lake Chad Basin [1]
    Characterizing Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Urban Runoff Potential Using the HEC-GeoHMS Model [1]
    Comparative Analysis of Marine Diatom Species Richness and Diversity Across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum at Different Latitudes [1]
    Comparative analysis of urban wetland classification from multispectral, hyperspectral, and fused satellite imagery [1]
    A comparison of soil characteristics in relation to success of a restored prairie [1]
    Conformational and Structural Determinations of Substituted Four and Five Membered Rings by Infrared, Raman, and Microwave Spectral Studies [1]
    Conformational and Structural Investigation of Substituted Hydrocarbons and Ring Compounds by Vibrational and Microwave Spectroscopy [1]
    Conformational stability of some silanes and amines from temperature dependent Infrared spectra of rare as solutions, r₀ structural parameters, ab initio calculations, and vibrational assignments [1]
    Data-Driven Modeling of the Lake Chad Basin Hydrologic Systems [1]
    Detection of diesel leakage from underground storage tank using time domain reflectometry [1]