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    Ab initio computational applications to complex biomolecular systems
    Alternatively certified and traditionally certified secondary school mathematics teachers' student success on the Missouri Assessment Program
    Application of Ab Initio Calculations and Molecular Dynamics to Collagen and Brome Mosaic Virus
    A Bayesian Analysis for Identifying DNA Copy Number Variations Using a Compound Poisson Process
    Bayesian Change Point Analysis of Copy Number Variants Using Human Next Generation Sequencing Data
    Cohomology of Finite Modules over Short Gorenstein Rings
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process
    Effect of stroke location on the laryngeal cough reflex and pneumonia risk
    The effectiveness of redesigning college algebra with a heavy focus on instructional technology
    The Effects of Math Recovery on the Low-Performing Mathematics Student
    The evolution of the U.S. financial architecture, asset prices, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy
    Fast Frequency Estimation by Zero Crossings of Differential Spline Wavelet Transform
    First and Second Order Efficiency of Sequential Designs in a Nonlinear Situation with Applications
    GAL1-SceI directed site-specific genomic (gsSSG) mutagenesis: a method for precisely targeting point mutations in S. cerevisiae.
    Generalized Koszul Properties of Commutative Local Rings
    Generalized Multiplicative Error Models: Asymptotic Inference and Empirical Analysis
    HAPSIMU: a genetic simulation platform for population-based association studies
    Heterodox Microfoundations: A Methodological Appraisal
    A Hybrid Modeling Approach to Assess the Efficacy of Control Measures on Paratuberculosis on U.S. Dairy Farms
    Hydrologic Analysis of Rain Garden Performance