The School of Biological Sciences was established (originally as the School of Basic Life Sciences) in 1985. The School's vision is "to better the quality of life through excellence in education and research." This vision is realized through the provision of quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the expansion of knowledge through scientific research, and the application of scientific information for the advancement of human welfare. The School has been designated as an eminence program by the curators of the University of Missouri, and as such is a unit targeted for expansion and development.

Research by faculty, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, is focused on cellular and molecular aspects of modern biology, with emphases in molecular genetics, cell biology and structural biology. Advances in these areas will provide fundamental knowledge for biotechnology, molecular medicine, environmental remediation and computational biology. Students are encouraged to gain hands-on research experience, involving them in the process of creating knowledge and equipping them to shape the future.

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