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    Adaptive Silhouette Extraction In Dynamic Environments Using Fuzzy Logic [1]
    Adaptive temporal difference learning of spatial memory in the water maze task [1]
    Addendum: On the ionization of a Keplerian binary system by periodic gravitational radiation [J. Math. Phys. 37, 3997-4016 (1996)] [1]
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm [1]
    Adobe Materials for Structural Walls [1]
    The adsorption of fission products on VHTR structural materials [1]
    Adsorption of water vapor by selected containment aerosols: chlorides and cement dust [1]
    Advanced analysis and design of polymer sheet extrusion [1]
    Advanced analysis of short-fiber polymer composite material behavior [1]
    Advanced feature based techniques for landmine detection using ground penetrating radar [1]
    Advanced guidance algorithms for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle [1]
    Aging studies and sensing applications of protein-templated gold nanoclusters [1]
    Air permit for the construction and operation of a calcium carbide manufacturing plant [1]
    Albuterol metered dose inhaler performance under hyperbaric pressures [1]
    Algorithm design and error analysis of quantized RSSI based localization in wireless sensor networks [1]
    Algorithm for computation and visualization of weighted constrained Voronoi diagrams [1]
    Amyloid- [beta] peptide induces temporal membrane biphasic changes in astrocytes through cytosolic phospholipase A₂ [1]
    Analog to digital converter for UWB short range indoor radar system [1]
    Analysis and management of disinfection by product formation in distribution systems [1]
    Analysis and modeling of direct selective laser sintering of two-component metal powders [1]