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    TigerPlace: An Innovative Educational and Research Environment [1]
    Tongue image difference detection [1]
    Tracing of internal layers in radar echograms from a Greenland study region [1]
    Training and field verification for hand-held thermographic inspection technologies [1]
    Transcoding transport stream mpeg2 [1]
    True depth resolved polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography [1]
    Two-phase flow over flooded micro-pillar structures with engineered wettability [1]
    Type-1 and type-2 fuzzy systems for detecting visitors in an uncertain environment [1]
    University of Missouri Chemical Engineering 1903 to 2013 : a history from the beginning [1]
    University of Missouri Led Energy Efficient Projects in Global Market: Application of Sustainable Ground Energy in Olympic Facilities [abstract] [1]
    Unstructured road detection in color imagery for the purpose of the automatic detection of explosive devices [1]
    Vehicle license plate detection and recognition [1]
    Verifying risk-based inspection intervals based on historical records and statistical analysis of bridge files [1]
    Visual recognition using hybrid camera [1]
    Visualization of recommendation system results in a relation-preserving space [1]
    Visualizing biochemical networks with Netview [1]
    Walk detection using pulse-Doppler radar [1]
    Wed-based interactive editing and analytics for supervised segmentation of biomedical images [1]
    Winter road maintenance resource allocation models [1]
    Wireless sensor network aided search and rescue in trails [1]