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    A generalized approach for calculation of the eigenvector sensitivity for various eigenvector normalizations
    Generation of fast propagating combustion and shock waves with copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite composites
    Generation of graphite particles by abrasion and their characterization
    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization
    Generation, collection and characterization of nanoparticles and their diffusion in arbitrary tumor and normal tissue geometry
    Genome scale meta analysis of microarrays for biological inferences
    Genomic strategies for soybean oil improvement and biodiesel production
    Geo-tagging and privacy-preservation in mobile cloud computing
    Geographic information systems used for precision agriculture: knowledge and use by agriculture students at the University of Missouri (MU)
    Geometric image segmentation via transform invariant rank cuts
    Geotextile separators for dust suppression on gravel roads
    Geotextile wrap-face wall using marginal backfill
    A GIS-based methodology for quantifying and comparing environmental justice impacts of infrastructure projects
    Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Membrane Permeabilization of Phytochemical into Breast Cancer Cells
    GPU-Based Simulation of Cellular Neural Networks for Image Processing
    Granular particle packing process study using DEM method
    Gravitational ionization: a chaotic net in the Kepler system
    Gravitational ionization: periodic orbits of binary systems perturbed by gravitational radiation.
    Ground based interferometric radar initial look at Longview, Blue Springs, Tuttle Creek, and Milford Dams
    Group Contribution Modeling of Physical Properties during Urethane Reaction