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    Simulation of fuel system with features for controlling air bubble generated for aircraft application [1]
    Single carrier frequency domain equalization for broadband wireless communications [1]
    Single view reconstruction and camera calibration using 2D room scene image [1]
    Single view reconstruction and camera calibration using two dimensional room scene image [1]
    Sketch-based navigation for mobile robots using qualitative landmark states [1]
    Solids retention time-dependent phototrophic growth and microbial population dynamics in wastewater treatment [1]
    Sound event detection and extraction for automatic music transcription [1]
    Source localization in the presence of sensor manifold uncertainties and synchronization error [1]
    Source localization using TDOA with erroneous receiver positions [1]
    The spatial cross-correlation coefficient as an ultrasonic detection statistic [1]
    Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of nanoporous low dielectric constant films processed via supercritical carbon dioxide for next-generation microelectronic devices [1]
    Speed-based safety analysis for work zones [1]
    Standard and testing procedures in laboratory for coal log fabrication [1]
    A State-Wide Effort to Promote Best Practices in Industrial Energy Efficiency in Missouri [abstract] [1]
    Statistical model-based methods for observation selection in wireless sensor networks and for feature selection in classification [1]
    Statistical optimization of acoustic models for large vocabulary speech recognition [1]
    Strategies for defining chemical connectivity between streams and wetlands [1]
    Streaming video using cooperative networking [1]
    A study of ADA public rights-of-way accessibility guideline impacts [1]
    Study of Americans with Disabilities Act public rights-of-way accessibility guideline impacts [1]