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    Innovative design of metamaterial structures for elastic wave absorption and structural vibration suppression
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri
    Instantaneous Geo-Location of Multiple Targets From Monocular Airborne Video
    Instrumentation and early performance of an innovative prestressed precast pavement system
    Integrate template matching and statistical modeling for continuous speech recognition
    An integrated approach for characterization of properties and mesostructure for FDM Ultem 9085
    An integrated model of cross docking
    Integrated procurement and distribution of perishable products in a multiechelon supply chain system
    An integrated stock assignment model for a warehouse fast picking area
    Integration of single-cell electropermeabilization together with electrochemical measurement of quantal exocytosis on microchips
    An intelligent design retrieval system for module-based products
    Interactive web-based track editing and management
    Interchange alternative selection based on analysis of operational measures
    Introduction of low noise amplifier for ultra-wideband radar receiver
    Investigation and Analysis of Image Classification on Large-scale Benchmark Datasets
    Investigation and characterization of a high energy piezoelectric pulse
    Investigation and optimization of a high voltage piezoelectric particle accelerator
    An investigation into gravity independent oscillating heat pipes
    An investigation into the factors affecting industrial implementation of combined heat and power (CHP)
    Investigation into the pool-boiling characteristics of gold nanofluids