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    Landscape analysis using GIS methodology for the evaluation and prediction of relationships of amphibian health in Missouri wetlands
    Language modeling for automatic speech recognition in telehealth
    Large scale modeling of precipitation induced landslides
    Large-Area Single-Crystal Diamond Films Via Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Large-scale fabrication of SiC nanofibers and plasma interface engineering of polymer nanocomposites and dental composite restoration
    Laser target triggering of gas switches
    Laterally loaded drilled shafts from full scale field tests
    Lewis-base polymers for modifying absorption and desorption abilities of silica supported, amine based solid carbon dioxide capture materials
    LIDAR data classification and compression
    Life cycle energy consumption cost model for manufacturing equipment
    Lighting system for the University campus
    Lighting system for university campus
    Linear system identification technique by time series analysis
    Linguistic summarization of human activity
    Link travel time estimation based on connected vehicle probe data
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts at the service limit state
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using SPT and TCP measurements
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts in shale using Standard Penetration Test and Texas Cone Penetration test measurements
    Load transfer in micropiles for slope stabilization from tests of large-scale physical models
    Load transfer in reticulated and non-reticulated micropiles from large-scale tests