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    An intelligent design retrieval system for module-based products
    Interactive image segmentation using a few seed-points
    Interactive web-based track editing and management
    Interchange alternative selection based on analysis of operational measures
    Introduction of low noise amplifier for ultra-wideband radar receiver
    Investigation and Analysis of Image Classification on Large-scale Benchmark Datasets
    Investigation and characterization of a high energy piezoelectric pulse
    Investigation and optimization of a high voltage piezoelectric particle accelerator
    An investigation into gravity independent oscillating heat pipes
    An investigation into the factors affecting industrial implementation of combined heat and power (CHP)
    Investigation into the pool-boiling characteristics of gold nanofluids
    Investigation of a flat plate oscillating heat pipe as a thermal spreader with centered heating
    Investigation of a spatial optical pulse collection system in the all-optical analog-to-digital converter
    Investigation of adsorption-related properties of potassium hydroxide activated carbon and its derivatives design, experimental analysis, and modeling of multiple battery chemistries
    Investigation of battery materials and sonic enhancements
    Investigation of fanless PCs: design and optimization
    Investigation of flow behavior inside ejector pumps using finite difference technique
    Investigation of load transfer models for recycled plastic reinforcement for slope stabilization
    Investigation of materials and convection for lithium sulfur batteries
    An investigation of nonlinear tip-sample force models for nanoindentation