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    Calculating the 3D-Pose of Rigid-Objects Using Active Appearance Models [1]
    Case study of normal and high glucose laden cell response to cellular phone radiation using GTEM cell [1]
    Cellular neural network virtual machine for graphics hardware with applications in image processing [1]
    Channel modeling, estimation and equalization in wireless communication [1]
    Chaos in the Kepler system [1]
    Characterization and MEMS applications of nanothermite materials [1]
    Characterization and Nondimensional Analysis of a Variable Speed Centrifugal Pump [1]
    Characterization of a piezoelectric transformer plasma source [1]
    Characterization of ion sources for compact accelerator neutron production [1]
    Charge collection mechanisms in a sub-micron grated MSM photodector: field analysis [1]
    Clinical content tracking system: an efficient request tracking via a graphical user interface [1]
    Coal Log Pipeline (CLP): manual of practice [1]
    Coal log pipeline research at the University of Missouri : 1st quarterly report for 1997 [1]
    Cognitive radios: spectrum sensing issues [1]
    Collision free path planning algorithms for robot navigation problem [1]
    Compacting solid waste materials generated in Missouri to form new products: final technical report [1]
    A comparative study of rapid prototyping systems [1]
    Comparing TCP-IPv4TCP-IPv6 network performance [1]
    Comparison of substrate conditions in low-temperature gallium arsenide and semi-insulating gallium arsenide during terahertz pulse generation [1]
    Composite-semiconductor-based micro power source [1]