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    Damage Inspection of Isotropic/Multi-layer Plates by Time-Frequency Analysis of Lamb Waves [1]
    Data display for a signal scavenging personnel detection system [1]
    Data processing system for a personnel walking activity [1]
    Decadal mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet from satellite radar altimetry and its contribution to global sea level change [1]
    Decoder-learning based distributed source coding for high-efficiency, low-cost and secure multimedia communications [1]
    A Deep Learning Method for Protein Model Quality Assessment [1]
    Deep packet inspection on large datasets : algorithmic and parallelization techniques for accelerating regular expression matching on many-core processors [1]
    Deletion of IP3 receptor2 in astrocytes enhances the hippocampal neurogenesis in adult mice [1]
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers [1]
    Deposition and characterization of high permittivity thin-film dielectrics [1]
    Deposition of aerosols in cylindrical tubes and in human lung airways [1]
    Design and analysis of a metamaterial with high refractive index at dual band frequencies [1]
    Design and analysis of reconfigurable phased array antenna for wireless local area network applications [1]
    Design and application of conformal patch antenna for near-field imaging and object detection [1]
    Design and construction of helmholtz coil for biomagnetic studies on soybean [1]
    Design and fabrication of one and two axis nickel electroplated micromirror array [1]
    Design and implementation of a middleware for ad-hoc multi-hop networking on Android [1]
    Design and optical characterization of gallium arsenide aluminum arsenide material system reflective modulators for mid-infrared free space optical applications using solid-source molecular beam epitaxy [1]
    Design and simulation of a compact radiating system for high power microwaves in the 4 to 6 GHz range [1]