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    Identification and characterization of network paths [1]
    Identifying relationship between patient acuity indicators and nurse workload [1]
    Image-based Visual Servoing of a Real Robot Using a Quaternion Formulation [1]
    Implementation of the University of Missouri Terawatt Test Stand and the study of a large, multichanneling, laser tirggered gas switch [1]
    Implementing X.509 security certificate based authentication in a virtual organization [1]
    Improved contact design for the SiC photo-switch used in high power applications [1]
    Improved geo-referencing and prescreening for detection of buried explosive hazards in forward-looking infrared imagery [1]
    Improved phosphorus removal in wastewater through combined bacterial and algal treatment [1]
    Improvement of decoding engine & phonetic decision tree in acoustic modeling for online large vocabulary conversational speech recognition [1]
    Individual and competitive adsorption of MSMA and phosphate onto iron and non-iron soil [1]
    Influence of Gold Nanoparticles on Collagen Fibril Morphology Quantified Using Transmission Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis [1]
    Influence of site conditions on near-field effects in multi-channel surface wave measurements [1]
    Influence of Social Media on Performance of Movies [1]
    Informatics expertise to support life and health sciences research and industry [1]
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri [1]
    Instantaneous Geo-Location of Multiple Targets From Monocular Airborne Video [1]
    Integrate template matching and statistical modeling for continuous speech recognition [1]
    Integration of single-cell electropermeabilization together with electrochemical measurement of quantal exocytosis on microchips [1]
    Interactive web-based track editing and management [1]