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    Machine learning methods for evaluating the quality of a single protein model using energy and structural properties
    A magnetic fluid based thermal connector for avionics chassis
    Magnetoresistance in semiconductor-metal hybrids for power applications
    Maintenance of traffic for innovative geometric design work zones and calibrating highway safety manual for Missouri interchanges
    Management of disinfection byproduct production in small drinking water systems
    Materials study supporting thermochemical hydrogen cycle sulfuric acid decomposer design
    Maximizing information for evaluation of incident management systems with an emphasis on secondary accidents
    Maximizing terahertz pulse amplitude from low temperature gallium arsenide photo conductive semiconductor switch
    Maximum hypothetical accident analysis for HEU to LEU fuel conversion at the University of Missouri Research Reactor
    Maximum-range trajectories for an unpowered reusable launch vehicle
    Mean grain size estimation for copper-alloy samples based on attenuation coefficient estimates
    Measurement of coagulating silver and carbon aerosols using a tandem differential mobility analyzer
    Measurement of fission product diffusion in VHTR materials
    Measurements of adhesion force between single particles and clusters interacting with some very high temperature reactors structural steels
    Measurements of adhesion force between single particles and clusters interacting with some VHTR structural steels
    Measuring nurses' response to configurations of work system parameters a data mining approach
    Measuring the relationship between individual and cultural traits (ICT) and safety perceptions in manufacturing: development of a conceptual model
    Mechanical and thermal buckling of thin films
    Mechanical drawing in technical schools.|Mechan. drawing in tech. schools
    Mechanical properties of rapid manufacturing and plastic injection molding